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This is a wholesale only trade show. We verify registrations!

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Your Name: To register for The Needlework Show, submit the registration form to the left. You'll receive an automated email indicating that your registration has been received.

Registration Fees
None, as long as you register 7 days BEFORE the start of a show. Once you register, you're registered for the rest of the year.

A $15 late fee is required for all registrations received WITHIN 7 days of a show opening. Late fees are payable by Paypal (credit cards can be used through Paypal). Late registrations are not processed until payment is received.

Once you're a registered buyer for the show, we will automatically include you in our list of participating buyers. This list remains on the website year-round to help our consumers find you!

If we are unable to verify your status as a shop owner (or other qualified buyer, such as distributor), we will ask for additional documentation. This documentation may include (but is not limited to) copies of any of the following: voided business check, invoices, recent ad, business license, etc. If you are unable to provide this documentation, please do not register as a buyer for this show. We will make every reasonable effort to verify your status as a buyer for the show, however, your late fee is non-refundable whether or not we can verify you as a buyer. If you're not sure whether or not you'll qualify as a buyer for the show, email us before you register.

Your email address and password will be used to "enter" the show.

We appreciate your support and interest in The Needlework Show! Feel free to use this image to indicate your participation in the show.

The Needlework Show
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