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Welcome to The Needlework Show!
     The October show is closed. General Viewing pages are always available. If you see something you like, simply use the email address at the top of their page to contact the vendor. Let them know you saw their products on The Needlework Show!

Registered buyers, you can still view your orders and wholesale information by logging in.

     We are a tradeshow (buyers pre-register and are verified as business owners; vendors reserve "booth" space and sell directly to buyers), but unlike other tradeshows, we provide General Viewing pages! General Viewing pages provide a "win-win-win" situation. At physical tradeshows, buyers have to "guess" at what their customers will like. During The Needlework Show, our buyers can have show days in their store; invite customers in to SEE new products and enjoy more sales. For vendors, General Viewing pages mean that more people see their products.

2018 Show Dates:
It's been a great 17 yrs, but The Needlework Show is now permanently closed!

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As a Buyer:
  • No traveling.
  • No need to close the shop during normal business hours.
  • New VENDORS! You'll see products from all over the world!
  • Minimal registration fee!
  • Shop from your business or home, even in your pjs!
  • Have an open house...let your customers help you shop!
  • Open 24 hrs a day from open to close.
  • No "waiting in line" to place an order or see products!
  • No pressure buying.
  • Order product and download pictures instantly! (with vendor permission)
  • See and purchase new releases more times a year!
  • Place orders with multiple vendors easily and "all in one place."
  • No weather anxieties or cancellations to worry about!
  • As a Vendor:
  • No traveling.
  • No preparation of products ahead of time - no excess inventory!
  • Receive a list of buyers BEFORE the show.
  • There's no risk of product or displays getting lost, stolen, or damaged.
  • Unlimited number of buyers have the opportunity to see your products!
  • We have unlimited "booths," no waiting list to participate!
  • Effective, cost efficient advertising!
  • Process orders immediately!
  • Reach international buyers and others who can't make it to physical shows.
  • No need to tie up physical models for the duration of the show.
  • Release new designs more times per year to large markets!
  • More opportunities to counteract "out of sight, out of mind."
  • No weather anxieties or cancellations to worry about!
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